Understanding Political Campaigns

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How To Learn More About Your Democratic Congressional Candidate

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With primaries more or less over, across the country, people are settling in for the long haul to November. It’s been an exhausting year politically, and that’s before the attack ads have really started winding up. If you want to learn about your Democratic congressional candidate, you want to know who you’re voting for and what issues you think you’ll need to push them on. But in order to get there, you’ll have to wade through everything on the internet. Read More»

Top Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Your Research About Who to Vote For

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If you are preparing for voting season, you might want to learn a little more about the different candidates so that you will know who to vote for in the election. You might already know a little bit about some of the candidates, but if you’re going to be doing further research, you will probably want to keep these things in mind. Research All of the Different Candidates You might have certain candidates in mind who you want to research. Read More»

The Importance Of Government Relations Advocacy: Delivering The Facts

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Industry leaders and owners across the United States often have a lot of opinions, thoughts, and concerns when it comes to government policies. When policies, such as those regarding healthcare, begin to affect those who own and operate industries, their desire is to have their voices heard by those seated in positions of political power. However, it is not always easy to put business on hold or to even seek an audience with Capitol Hill’s finest. Read More»

3 Steps to Take Before Installing a Shared Well

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Opting for a shared well can be a wonderful choice. It can be a good way to enjoy the perks of well water without having to pay for everything yourself, and it can be an ideal solution if you want to install a well but if you don’t quite have enough cash on hand to pay for the entire project. However, since a shared well is a totally different thing from having your own private water well, it’s important to take a few additional steps. Read More»

How To Ensure You Understand Your Employer's Code Of Ethics

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Code of ethics violations are difficult situations to handle because they are not always obvious, and accusations of ethics violations often walk a fine line that can divide companies. When you begin working at a new company that has an ethics policy in place, it’s essential that you understand where that fine line is so that you can make informed decisions when you encounter potential violations. But too many people skim over ethics policies, getting the basics but not really delving into how the policy might affect their actions. Read More»

Four Political Actions You Can Take This Election Year To Impact The Election For Good

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If you have never really been involved in a political movement before, but now there is a candidate you want to back fully, you may be wondering what you can do as a citizen and local resident in your town. Surprisingly, there is a lot you can do to rally your candidate and help move him or her ahead in the polls. The following four political actions will get you started on your personal involvement with this year’s major election. Read More»